XpressHost managed colocation hosting services are outlined around our outsourced IT solutions methodology. Our clients can utilize XpressHost resources within our Cyber Center to extend their IT infrastructure beyond the traditional in-house methodology into our fully-managed, support and controlled environment. XpressHost colocation saves you the time, expense and administration of building and maintaining a network for your IT infrastructure.

With Tier-4 class internet access and connectivity we are right on the backbone of the internet with fully redundant access combined with our professional network management, our services can be customized to fit the individual needs of each customer. XpressHost will support and manage customer-supplied resources such as servers and applications to our fully-equipped dedicated solutions that are configured to your IT needs.

XpressHost managed colocation hosting services provide your company the peace of mind and knowledge that your IT infrastructure will be running in an optimal environment, supplied by clean power and connected to a Tier-4 class internet backbone and most importantly a secured environment. In our Colocation Hosting environment, you can relax knowing that your IT infrastructure will no longer be subject to environmental, power, security or IT personnel problems.

Xpress Host: Part of the Winning Technologies Group of Companies

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