Disaster Recovery

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Live (HOT) Redundant Systems

XpressHost will design and implement a live redundancy plan for your in-place network that, in the event your production servers are not available due to normal maintenance, hardware failure, or disaster, the fail over redundancy servers will automatically cut over and become the production system. These are hot systems that will already have your applications loaded. Data will be automatically synchronized with the production systems and will be a live part of your network.

Cold Disaster Systems

As an XpressStor Electronic Online backup customer, XpressHost already houses your backup data so the next logical step is to provide XpressStor clients with cold servers in the event their business faces a man-made or natural disaster. XpressHost, as part of our clients overall disaster planning processes, can provide servers and infrastructure to support our clients in the event of a larger longer term disaster. XpressHost will load and configure servers and reload the data and applications within the XpressHost data center to keep your business up and running. Some restrictions apply check with XpressHost Sales for detail.

XpressHost: Disaster Recovery

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